Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

so shiny..and messy!
 Hello Hello! Life has been very hectic and will continue to be hectic so I don't know how much I will be posting. I will be going on vacation, and then immediately after moving to a new apartment.

Even though it is fall I felt an extreme urge to do some super pink nails! I put Sally Hansen HD Hi Res as the base which seemed like a nice warm color. I wasn't just happy with pink I wanted super girly sparkily pink!!

I then put on two coats of Sally Hansen HD Byte! I love this color! This pink has a blue shimmer to it. It is gorgeous, I can't stop staring at my nails!

Now my nails are looking a little messy as I did them during a Raid..and I am still there. Shhhh don't tell anyone, luckily I doubt any of my raiders will read this. I will clean up the some point.

Also I wanted to share a mani I did a while ago but somehow did not post. I then deleted a bunch of the pictures...meaning all of them but one. I love love love RedBull! For me it tastes like liquid pixie sticks. I felt the need to share my love with the world with this Redbull inspired manicure.
Hi Res and Byte

It gives you wings!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yay fall is coming!

Jem and Penny
It's getting cooler around here which means fall! I love fall so much! I enjoy the tempature better than any other season. I decided to celebrate it's coming and try to fight off the blues that 3 days of rain brings you with a fall manicure.

I took part in Zoya's recent awesome promotion of buy one get two free. This is probably the only time I will be able to get Zoya since I tend to stick to polishes more in the $2 range. For this manicure i am using Penny and Jem.

As you can see Penny is a beautiful copper, I feel like a robot when I wear it hehe! I put Jem on my middle finger. I am not as impressed with Jem as I thought I would be. In the bottle it has a big shimmer to it, but it is very dark on my nails.

Polka Dots!!
I have been in love with Polka Dots lately. I dress my little one in them whenever I can the poor darling. So I decided to dress my nails in them today as well.

I did the Polka Dots with a toothpick. I don't have any special dotting tools so I make due. I think the dots came out smaller than I like so next time I will try a bobby pin.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Glitter Tips

The two survivors


what the heck did I do?
Once again I had a spectacular idea but I just can't sit still long enough to let it dry.

I put a base coat of a polish I picked up a couple years ago Revlon's Steel-Her Heart. That went on nicely in two coats. I then decided to sponge on Sally Hansen's Spectrum on the tip.

I then decided it would be a great idea to go type frantically and mess up all but two fingers. I really am a spaz. Spectrum is really a beautiful polish. I put a couple coats of it over a black base and couldn't' stop staring at my fingers. Of course I didn't take pictures (read spaz)

Friday, September 2, 2011

i love lifesavers

I haven't had my nails painted in a while, with all the craziness of preparing for Hurricane Irene I stopped taking care of myself as much as I should.  While the little one went down for a nap I thought i would squeeze in some nail care, after a load of dishes of course ;).

my old fall back

I did a half moon of course. I had picked up an angled brush for clean up as I have seen suggested in other blogs. Unfortunately I had crack hands and could not steady them for clean up or the glitter striper brush. Oh well at least I have polish on my nails!! The blue is the gorgeous My Lifesaver by Nicole by OPI. I love this color, it feels so feminine.

I put glitter on the bottom line because as I stated last post, Glitter fixes everything!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Glitter fixes everything

Blurry to show off the day saving glitter!

Sorry for the long gap in posts I have no reasons beside I am lazy and had no inspiration. Today I am going to show you a manicure that I would have been upset about last year but this year I fixed. As stated before I am a big nerd. I raid on WoW which sometimes gives me a free few moments during down time to paint my nails by the light of my monitor lol.

orginally with out glitter
Pure Ice Platinum
I started out with a nice base coat of Platinum. I let that dry and then slapped some hole reinforcers to do a half moon mani (my fav) I always want to be symmetrical so I decided to fight against that urge and only do it on random nails. I painted on some Buffy the Violet Slayer since I also love purple. 

Apparently I had not waited long enough for my white base to dry because when I pulled up my reinforcers I pulled up some of the white! eek! Normally I would have been almost in tears (I was a perfectionist/spaz) but mommyhood has calmed me thankfully.  I tried to neaten and reapply with the white, but you could tell that something went wrong with this mani.

I went to bed kind of disappointed with this manicure. I woke up to find on top of the other issues with it I also got sheet creases! I was just about to give up the ghost and take it all off when I had a thought. Glitter gives a new texture by itself so it can be more forgiving on my mistakes. I grabbed some glitter (LA Colors Sassy Sparkle) and put on a coat. Volia! A saved by the glitter! I was happier with the result. This lasted a couple hours until I had to do dishes and they peeled at the tips. I wish I had a dish washing machine!!!

Also as a Side Note, why would L.A. Colors not write the name of their polish on the bottles? It drives me crazy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Mummy Manicure

I love visiting other nail blogs. I try to see at least one or two a day. I am so impressed with what they can do with scotch tape. I have decided to try and recreate the "Mummy Tape Mani" that I saw over at Nailside. The author Jane is amazing with what she can do! She has definitely inspired me to do some more difficult things with scotch tape.

For this manicure I used Nicole by Opi My Lifesaver which is from the Justin Bieber collection. I love this color! I have read that it is an almost dupe for China Glaze's "For Audrey". I have no other color like it. It's a lovely robin's egg blue. I put My Lifesaver as the base color for ever finger but my ring fingers.  For those I put Sinful Colors Casablanca which is a lovely one coat silver.
I then tore off a strip of scotch tape and stuck it to my hand a couple of times to take off some of the sticky. I then cut the stripes and put them on my nails. I put the opposite color on over the tape and for the first time pulled off the tape with tweezers instead of my fingers. This was suggested in Jane's tutorial and i found it worked quiet well.
I did this manicure yesterday, didn't take any pictures like a noob and then destroyed them doing the dishes. I redid them today and rushed them a little bit and got bubbles, but I love them. 

What has been a favorite manicure done by a blogger that you think I should check out?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My mom would hate these

 The moment I started formulating this manicure in my head all I could think of was ewww brown and pink my mom hates those two colors together. lol I happen to love them! I did two coats of Hue are you? and then taped off the tips. I had to do two coats of my lovely Splash. The creaminess of the brown works well with the shimmer of the pink tips.
my components

love these colors
Then I couldn't hold off any longer. I had gotten free Hello Kitty stickers from Born Pretty using the code given by Konad Addict.
I had to put on a couple of bows onto my ring fingers. I put a top coat down on them to make sure they stuck (they have to survive the little one) I am very happy with my left hand and as always my right is a disappointment.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My first trip to Sallys!

new pretties
I have heard of fellow bloggers mention Sally Beauty Supply before, but since I recently moved to a smallish town I had no hopes of visiting one any time soon. I took a change and did a store look up and there is one in my little bitty town! I was ecstatic! It is tiny as to be expected but still there!

Streaky brown on pinky
I couldn't leave without getting something, but it had to be a deal since I didn't really have any spending money.
 I got my first of the Finger Paints brand and my first China Glaze. I may have squealed.
 The brown is called Hue are you?, the first coat was very streaky but the second coat evened it out. The green was dark and creamy and went on in one coat, it's called Scenery Greenery. The blue I was very excited about but was disappointed once it got on the nail even though it was a one coater. It has since grown on me, it's called Artistic Azure. I like the shimmer of it and it's pretty true to the bottle color.
Scenery Greenery close up

 I realized I didn't really have a picture showing the green nicely, so I took another picture by a window. This color is exciting me for Yule, it is a fall/winter color for me at least. The last item I got was a China Glaze cuticle oil with a Peppermint scent. I love this oil and can't stop smelling my fingers like  a creeper. I have never had cuticle oil before, so we will see how it goes.

Now here is the best part, my whole trip cost only $3.16!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My first pink Wednesday!

This post actually has a couple firsts in it. I am also posting from my phone for the first time as well.

For this manicure I used Pure Ice Splash which is a very barbie pink in my mind and I used the LA colors silver striper polish.

I love half moon manicures so I did another one and I wanted it to be summery so I choose hot pink. Then to try and cover up my messy line I added a little sparkle, because I love sparkles.

I also added my nicely price mini haul. I got the silver striper and LA Colors Seashell for a dollar each at the dollar tree. I don't wear gold normally but it was to pretty to pass up.

Friday, July 8, 2011

For the Horde!

Horde Banner
My previous manicure represented the Alliance. For this manicure I am representing the opposing faction: the Horde. For me they have always been the cooler group, the Greasers to the Jocks of the Alliance if you get my completely non related analogy.  For this manicure since I had a striper (don't type stripper, don't type stripper) polish in black from LA Colors I decided not to try another go at scotch tape tips.

Blurry but you can see the magic sparkles!
For the base color on all by my ring finger I used Wet n Wild's Everyone Loves Redmond, and I did the tips with LA Colors Art Deco Black. For my ring finger cause i love sparkles I did a base coat of Wet n Wild's Ebony hates Chris and put 1 layer of Cult Nails Captivated. I love this polish but I am horrible at trying to take it's picture!

While the Horde isn't really a sparkly bunch (that's more the Alliance) I just had to use Captivated. I feel like Abu with the ruby in Aladdin. It's just so shiney! I wore this over to my Horde friends house and it recieved oohs and ahhs. Then it started to chip and peel, but I loved it while it lasted.
from Disney's Aladdin

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Begining of a Theme

Let me tell you a little something about me. I love World of Warcraft or WOW. In the game there are two factions. I have decided to start trying to do WOW related manicures.

Today I am representing the Alliance. They have a beautiful blue background in their banner. The details are done in a bright yellow. I have represented these with Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue and The Wonder Yellows.

The blue went on nicely, much nicer than Sally Hansen's that I used on my half moon mani I did. It went on in two coats. I did the tips using scotch tape. I am still a huge fail at this. The yellow needed more than one coat and was afraid of peeling the tape with dry polish.

I pulled off the tape and the polish lifted up on the edge cause it was half dry and gooey. It was not neat but I got my yellow tips. Hopefully I will improve because I am impressed with what can be done with scotch tape.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Summer nails

 I was very excited about this concept. I thought they would be a fabulous looking summer manicure. The end result was no where near what i imagined. I did this manicure probably over a week ago and at this point I don't even remember the glorious idea that made this happen.

I do still love the clean fresh look of the green which is Wet n' Wild's Sage in the City. I also enjoy the orange on my ring finger of Sally Hansen HD Three D. Three D I find goes on a little thing and leans of the red over the yellow side of the orange spectrum. The yellow tip on my middle finger is Sally Hansen HD Lite. Now I love this color but it did not work well.

I am still getting used to trying to do Scotch tape manicures. Before I read any tutorials I wouldn't de-stickafy them at all and wait for the paint to dry before pulling them off. So now I am finding an issue of being afraid to do more than one coat with it, being afraid that letting the first coat dry will mess it up. Well this whole process is trial and error so I will work on it.

On another topic I am going to try and get a patriotic 4th of July manicure done, but my sister is coming down to visit on the 4th so i might get distracted. My niece loves nail polish too so maybe I might just steal pictures of her nails instead!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man Down

from the lord of the rings
We have a man down. For some unknown to me reason I was stressed to the point of biting my thumb nail down. It is now at the hobbit nail stage. Have you ever looked at the nails of a hobbit?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my first butterfly attempt

my thumb

I have been seeing people doing monarch manicures. I have always been impressed by them. I am going to be in a wedding on Saturday as a bridesmaid.  I didn't want to do anything too bright right now just in case I get lazy and leave it on. Her colors are green and light purple.

I watched a couple tutorials and decided to try it. I was very surprised how well it turned out!  I used Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom for my base color and I used the L. A. Colors black striper. For the dots I used a wet n' wild white polish and a toothpick. I will definitively be doing it again with bright colors!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Failed Mani and a cold

I haven't posted in a while I caught a cold from I don't know where and it's lasted about a week. I tried to do a manicure in that time but it didn't come out nicely and then fell off in pieces by the next day.

I received this gorgeous color called Captivated by Cult Nails. I also received a glass nail file. I have never had one of these before so I will let you know how I enjoy it as I enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cyber Purple Mani

 Hello again! I am a lover of purple so be prepared to see many purple manis here. Today's purple is Sally Hansen's HD Cyber. I did two coats and it gave a good base to work off of.

I wanted to try out the new sparkles I picked up earlier that day. It was a tiny bottle of Bon Bons I can't even find a name, but it is a dark pink line glitter with random blue ones mixed in. The glitter polish itself had a pink tint to it and it changed the look of the Cyber.
 The pictures were taken two days after I did my nails and I continued to wear it a couple more days until I got tired of it. The lasting power of this was amazing! I don't know if it was the Cyber or the magic of glitter.

I like to believe it was the glitter! <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My summer Moon mani

With Flash

with out flash (yes my husband loves remotes)
I haven't mastered the moon mani yet. I had some bleeding through happen on this attempt. I just loved the color's too much to be bothered by the imperfections for now.

The base is Pure Ice Platinum, starting at the thumb I used Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res, Three D, Lite, Hi-Def, and BLU.

BLU is beautiful but very thin, the same with the green Hi-Def. The star of the mani is Lite the yellow. It is a one coat glory.

I absolutely loved wearing this but unfortunately I ruined it it within a hour of finishing it. I went to go wash bottles and somehow smooshed the (as far as i knew dry) pinky nail. I could only stand looking at it for a day and a half before I took it off.