Monday, July 25, 2011

My first trip to Sallys!

new pretties
I have heard of fellow bloggers mention Sally Beauty Supply before, but since I recently moved to a smallish town I had no hopes of visiting one any time soon. I took a change and did a store look up and there is one in my little bitty town! I was ecstatic! It is tiny as to be expected but still there!

Streaky brown on pinky
I couldn't leave without getting something, but it had to be a deal since I didn't really have any spending money.
 I got my first of the Finger Paints brand and my first China Glaze. I may have squealed.
 The brown is called Hue are you?, the first coat was very streaky but the second coat evened it out. The green was dark and creamy and went on in one coat, it's called Scenery Greenery. The blue I was very excited about but was disappointed once it got on the nail even though it was a one coater. It has since grown on me, it's called Artistic Azure. I like the shimmer of it and it's pretty true to the bottle color.
Scenery Greenery close up

 I realized I didn't really have a picture showing the green nicely, so I took another picture by a window. This color is exciting me for Yule, it is a fall/winter color for me at least. The last item I got was a China Glaze cuticle oil with a Peppermint scent. I love this oil and can't stop smelling my fingers like  a creeper. I have never had cuticle oil before, so we will see how it goes.

Now here is the best part, my whole trip cost only $3.16!!!

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