Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man Down

from the lord of the rings
We have a man down. For some unknown to me reason I was stressed to the point of biting my thumb nail down. It is now at the hobbit nail stage. Have you ever looked at the nails of a hobbit?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my first butterfly attempt

my thumb

I have been seeing people doing monarch manicures. I have always been impressed by them. I am going to be in a wedding on Saturday as a bridesmaid.  I didn't want to do anything too bright right now just in case I get lazy and leave it on. Her colors are green and light purple.

I watched a couple tutorials and decided to try it. I was very surprised how well it turned out!  I used Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom for my base color and I used the L. A. Colors black striper. For the dots I used a wet n' wild white polish and a toothpick. I will definitively be doing it again with bright colors!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Failed Mani and a cold

I haven't posted in a while I caught a cold from I don't know where and it's lasted about a week. I tried to do a manicure in that time but it didn't come out nicely and then fell off in pieces by the next day.

I received this gorgeous color called Captivated by Cult Nails. I also received a glass nail file. I have never had one of these before so I will let you know how I enjoy it as I enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cyber Purple Mani

 Hello again! I am a lover of purple so be prepared to see many purple manis here. Today's purple is Sally Hansen's HD Cyber. I did two coats and it gave a good base to work off of.

I wanted to try out the new sparkles I picked up earlier that day. It was a tiny bottle of Bon Bons I can't even find a name, but it is a dark pink line glitter with random blue ones mixed in. The glitter polish itself had a pink tint to it and it changed the look of the Cyber.
 The pictures were taken two days after I did my nails and I continued to wear it a couple more days until I got tired of it. The lasting power of this was amazing! I don't know if it was the Cyber or the magic of glitter.

I like to believe it was the glitter! <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My summer Moon mani

With Flash

with out flash (yes my husband loves remotes)
I haven't mastered the moon mani yet. I had some bleeding through happen on this attempt. I just loved the color's too much to be bothered by the imperfections for now.

The base is Pure Ice Platinum, starting at the thumb I used Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res, Three D, Lite, Hi-Def, and BLU.

BLU is beautiful but very thin, the same with the green Hi-Def. The star of the mani is Lite the yellow. It is a one coat glory.

I absolutely loved wearing this but unfortunately I ruined it it within a hour of finishing it. I went to go wash bottles and somehow smooshed the (as far as i knew dry) pinky nail. I could only stand looking at it for a day and a half before I took it off.