Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My summer Moon mani

With Flash

with out flash (yes my husband loves remotes)
I haven't mastered the moon mani yet. I had some bleeding through happen on this attempt. I just loved the color's too much to be bothered by the imperfections for now.

The base is Pure Ice Platinum, starting at the thumb I used Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res, Three D, Lite, Hi-Def, and BLU.

BLU is beautiful but very thin, the same with the green Hi-Def. The star of the mani is Lite the yellow. It is a one coat glory.

I absolutely loved wearing this but unfortunately I ruined it it within a hour of finishing it. I went to go wash bottles and somehow smooshed the (as far as i knew dry) pinky nail. I could only stand looking at it for a day and a half before I took it off.

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