Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Summer nails

 I was very excited about this concept. I thought they would be a fabulous looking summer manicure. The end result was no where near what i imagined. I did this manicure probably over a week ago and at this point I don't even remember the glorious idea that made this happen.

I do still love the clean fresh look of the green which is Wet n' Wild's Sage in the City. I also enjoy the orange on my ring finger of Sally Hansen HD Three D. Three D I find goes on a little thing and leans of the red over the yellow side of the orange spectrum. The yellow tip on my middle finger is Sally Hansen HD Lite. Now I love this color but it did not work well.

I am still getting used to trying to do Scotch tape manicures. Before I read any tutorials I wouldn't de-stickafy them at all and wait for the paint to dry before pulling them off. So now I am finding an issue of being afraid to do more than one coat with it, being afraid that letting the first coat dry will mess it up. Well this whole process is trial and error so I will work on it.

On another topic I am going to try and get a patriotic 4th of July manicure done, but my sister is coming down to visit on the 4th so i might get distracted. My niece loves nail polish too so maybe I might just steal pictures of her nails instead!

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