Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Mummy Manicure

I love visiting other nail blogs. I try to see at least one or two a day. I am so impressed with what they can do with scotch tape. I have decided to try and recreate the "Mummy Tape Mani" that I saw over at Nailside. The author Jane is amazing with what she can do! She has definitely inspired me to do some more difficult things with scotch tape.

For this manicure I used Nicole by Opi My Lifesaver which is from the Justin Bieber collection. I love this color! I have read that it is an almost dupe for China Glaze's "For Audrey". I have no other color like it. It's a lovely robin's egg blue. I put My Lifesaver as the base color for ever finger but my ring fingers.  For those I put Sinful Colors Casablanca which is a lovely one coat silver.
I then tore off a strip of scotch tape and stuck it to my hand a couple of times to take off some of the sticky. I then cut the stripes and put them on my nails. I put the opposite color on over the tape and for the first time pulled off the tape with tweezers instead of my fingers. This was suggested in Jane's tutorial and i found it worked quiet well.
I did this manicure yesterday, didn't take any pictures like a noob and then destroyed them doing the dishes. I redid them today and rushed them a little bit and got bubbles, but I love them. 

What has been a favorite manicure done by a blogger that you think I should check out?