Monday, August 29, 2011

Glitter fixes everything

Blurry to show off the day saving glitter!

Sorry for the long gap in posts I have no reasons beside I am lazy and had no inspiration. Today I am going to show you a manicure that I would have been upset about last year but this year I fixed. As stated before I am a big nerd. I raid on WoW which sometimes gives me a free few moments during down time to paint my nails by the light of my monitor lol.

orginally with out glitter
Pure Ice Platinum
I started out with a nice base coat of Platinum. I let that dry and then slapped some hole reinforcers to do a half moon mani (my fav) I always want to be symmetrical so I decided to fight against that urge and only do it on random nails. I painted on some Buffy the Violet Slayer since I also love purple. 

Apparently I had not waited long enough for my white base to dry because when I pulled up my reinforcers I pulled up some of the white! eek! Normally I would have been almost in tears (I was a perfectionist/spaz) but mommyhood has calmed me thankfully.  I tried to neaten and reapply with the white, but you could tell that something went wrong with this mani.

I went to bed kind of disappointed with this manicure. I woke up to find on top of the other issues with it I also got sheet creases! I was just about to give up the ghost and take it all off when I had a thought. Glitter gives a new texture by itself so it can be more forgiving on my mistakes. I grabbed some glitter (LA Colors Sassy Sparkle) and put on a coat. Volia! A saved by the glitter! I was happier with the result. This lasted a couple hours until I had to do dishes and they peeled at the tips. I wish I had a dish washing machine!!!

Also as a Side Note, why would L.A. Colors not write the name of their polish on the bottles? It drives me crazy!

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