Friday, September 2, 2011

i love lifesavers

I haven't had my nails painted in a while, with all the craziness of preparing for Hurricane Irene I stopped taking care of myself as much as I should.  While the little one went down for a nap I thought i would squeeze in some nail care, after a load of dishes of course ;).

my old fall back

I did a half moon of course. I had picked up an angled brush for clean up as I have seen suggested in other blogs. Unfortunately I had crack hands and could not steady them for clean up or the glitter striper brush. Oh well at least I have polish on my nails!! The blue is the gorgeous My Lifesaver by Nicole by OPI. I love this color, it feels so feminine.

I put glitter on the bottom line because as I stated last post, Glitter fixes everything!

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